H.F. X-Ray Machines

H.F. Mobile X-Ray

The PXM Mobile(Sbmicbm) is renowned for its user friendly operation with a smart digital console with proven reliability to handle heavy schedules with ease operativeness on just single phase: easy mobility that allows you to manouevre it through narrow corridors and standard lifts into ICUs, OTs, Special and general ward, individual clinics, polyclinics, nursing homes and corporate hospitals.

  • Spring Balanced(SBM)/Counter Balanced(CBM) tube arm for increased reach better positioning
  • Compact & light weight
  • Reduction in dose
  • Superior Imaging
  • Tablet / Keyboard /touch-Screen Control
  • Integrated cassette box for easier operation and better cassette handling
  • Elegant digital display and extremely easy to use controls
  • Automatic calculation of MAS with digital display
  • Digital display of KVP/Mas/Ma/Time
  • Easy Serviceability

32KW H.F. X-Ray

PX-15HF, PX-32HF, PX-40HF
H.F. X-Ray

PX-3.5HF, PX-6 HF & PX-6R HF is a full fledged mobile X-ray machine with HF Generator consists of an inverter and oil-filled tank which houses the high voltage transformer and tube. Special Features:

32KW H.F. X-Ray

H.B.T. Table
H.B.T. Table

H.B.T. Table is eqquipped with motorized bucky alongwith oscillating grid for radiography purpose. These horizontal X-ray units are manufactured using premium aluminium sheets, steel and related materials.

Multiposition Table
Multiposition Table
  • 5 position (-15, 0, 30, 60, 90 Degrees) manual locking table with motorized bucky grid.
  • Table can be used for all kind of radiographic and fluoroscopic X-Ray procedures
  • Weight bearing capacity of the table is 210 KG
  • Table top filtration is >1.0 mm of aluminum
Floating Top Table
Floating Top Table
  • 4 Way Floating top X-Ray Table is excellent choice for perfect positioning
  • This table is very useful for trauma patients, or patients which can not be moved for positions
Vertical Bucky Stand
Vertical Bucky Stand
  • Height 73 inch vertical buck stand
  • Using hand ring bolt to fix , occupy minimal space with easy operation
  • Bare minimum to no film distortion